Who We Are

  The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the official voice and student government for graduate students at UNT.  We advocate on behalf of graduate students to ensure that their opinions, needs, and interests are heard by university administration.

What We Do
  The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is comprised of an Executive Committee and Senate, and together, these factions work to improve the graduate student experience at UNT.  We ADVOCATE for graduate students at the university, community, state, and national levels.  We CONNECT graduate students with others on campus and beyond by sponsoring the events and efforts of graduate student organizations on campus, and providing travel scholarships for research and professional development opportunities.  We EMPOWER graduate students by securing the tools, resources and information necessary for them to be successful in their UNT graduate studies and their own career choices.  If you are a UNT graduate student, and have suggestions on how we may better advocate, connect and empower you, please contact us today!